Amazon Counterfeit Sellers

Our High on Octane™ HoO© styles continue to illegally appear on Amazon's website:

High on Octane™ Detroit Rock City Muscle Car© T-Shirt

First appeared on Amazon 10/22/2013

Men's HoO High on Octane™ Shady Eight Hot Rod 8 Ball© Graphic T-Shirt

First appeared on Amazon 10/08/2013


Men's High on Octane™ Devil's Dragway Pit Pass HoO© T-Shirt 

First appeared on Amazon 11/17/2013

High on Octane™ Mama Tried HoO Hell on Wheels© 

First appeared on Amazon 10/21/2013

High on Octane™ Born to Speed HoO Muscle Car© 

First appeared on Amazon 10/22/2013

High on Octane™ 69 Super Bee Stripe HoO Muscle Car©

First appeared on Amazon 11/17/2013

We are the copyright owners, original creators and introduced these styles on our Amazon store 10/21/2013, 10/22/2013 and 11/17/2013, respectively, as shown on both our inventory dashboard and Amazon's product record. Due to a widespread epidemic of counterfeit Amazon sellers...

  • KJUHGBHJM of ShiShou, HuBei
  • jonathan clarkson
  • boyiyimaoyouxiangongsi
  • LuChuan
  • Mijifeiyio
  • Fuzhang Trade Department Jinjiang District
  • anishy
  • DaLing
  • AbbottPeng
  • Buregass WAT
  • Lovely Tees

...and others who continue to abuse our intellectual property rights by the unauthorized use and copyright infringement of our brand HoO High on Octane™ designs, we have shut down our Amazon HoO store.

No third party merchant is authorized to sell these HoO © copyright styles, all rights reserved. This is damaging our brand and reputation as seen below w/ the most recent customer review:

Please remove at once.

Screenshot of our Amazon OctaneShop (HoO brand registry) store inventory dashboard: